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Paid Social Media Advertising

Stand out when the world wants you to fit in.

It's essential to know and understand each social media's algorithms and how to work to ensure that viewers see your posts. At Vaqara, we can fully optimize a paid social media advertising campaign to achieve the best ROI for your company.

We know that an advertising budget is essential for your success to boost performance and reach on social media. The major social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, are designed to reduce your viewer count unless we pay to boost posts, even with your existing followers. To be successful and competitive, we must work within each brand to reach the most significant number of people, including paid boosted posts and advertising. Your competitors, for sure, are doing boosted posts and ads, and to stay ahead, we must match and exceed your competitor's reach online!

We will establish an optimal budget for each platform and track the success to ensure we make the best use of your valuable advertising dollars. We can develop paid campaigns that can result in a highly optimized and cost-effective social media advertising campaign that drives new website visitors and followers.

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