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Perform Air International

Perform Air International, founded in 1986, is an awarded winning repair and overall component stating located in Gilbert, Arizona.

About the Client

Perform Air International Inc is a leading repair station specializing in repairing and overhauling a wide range of aircraft components irrespective of their nature, size, and shape. They are an authorized and leading repair station that provides unrivaled component overhaul and repair services to the aviation industry.


Scott Bailey and the VAQARA team was hired to set up and maintain all the social media platforms for Perform Air International. At that time, they only had a Facebook page that was very inactive. We set up Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. We worked hard to build a following and develop an engaging audience of aviation lovers to help promote their business and the aviation industry as a whole.

The repair business was not super exciting to the general public, so we wanted to take a different approach with this client regarding social media. We decided to focus on their industry and promote their key clients rather than attempting to make engine and component repair appealing.  This was a great approach as it showed their key partners and airlines that Perform Air was vested in their businesses and was helping to promote them and the world of travel and aviation.

We had likes and retweets from leading aviation leaders, including the CEO of Delta.  This innovative approach, in our opinion, was a great way to get a small business noticed by its most prominent clients.  And that is how you build long-term brand loyalty!!

This is the out-of-the-box thinking you get while working with VAQARA!


We also worked on all new branding and marketing material to showcase this amazing company in the best possible way. Below is an example of their new exhibit booth for their big yearly Aviation conference that we designed and had contracted to build. We wanted to modernize it and have all new branding be a standout for their 10x10 booth.

It was obviously a huge success for this client.