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HIV Equal was an international social media campaign & online magazine that promotes HIV testing & aims to end the stigma associated with the virus.

About the Client

A new social media campaign titled “HIV Equal” was launched on October 26, 2013, by World Health Clinicians (WHC), according to a WHC statement. The multimedia campaign seeks to fight the stigma associated with the virus by advocating that everyone is equally valuable regardless of HIV status. Participants are photographed with a “HIV=” logo. They also get to pick a word to accompany the word “Status” that exemplifies an aspect of them. Project Runway star Jack Mackenroth developed the campaign with celebrity photographer Thomas Evans. The first set of photographs features Broadway actor Nick Adams, Representative Jim Himes (D–Conn.), activist Peter Staley, Tony Award winner Billy Porter, drag performer Bianca Del Rio and many others. WHC is a nonprofit HIV/AIDS group based in Connecticut with programs in Zimbabwe.


The entire team at VAQARA was so proud to work on the project around 2013/2014. We did a whole new website, branding, logos, print materials and worked with them to bring a new multimedia site to life. At the time, it was one of the most extensive websites we had created. Along with the brilliant Tyler Curry, who worked to bring awareness to HIV and LGBTQ issues, the site at one time was the most visited of over 300 websites we hosted. The incredibly talented photographer Thomas Evans was responsible for many of the iconic images seen on the site.

Sadly this project was closed down many years ago... but it was a pleasure to work with this team.