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Equestrian Aid Foundation

The Equestrian Aid Foundation assists people from all corners of the horse world within the United States who are coping with catastrophic injury or illness. We are horsemen helping horsemen.

About the Client

The Equestrian Aid Foundation provides emergency financial grants to members of the equestrian community throughout the United States who are struggling to overcome catastrophic illness, injury, or other unforeseen crisis. We are a grassroots network of horsemen helping horsemen.

A horse person’s life can change forever in an instant.

When faced with a catastrophic health event or other unforeseen disaster, equestrians and equine professionals can lose everything: jobs, homes, financial security, independence and dignity, quality of life, and often the ability to stay involved with the horses they love.

Lives are derailed, and entire families are affected. The future can be uncertain. Since 1996, the Equestrian Aid Foundation has provided over $3.2 million in grant support and the promise of hope to breeders, farriers, grooms, riders, trainers and other members of the equestrian community who are facing life-altering or life-threatening crises.


We love working with all businesses but especially enjoy working with nonprofits that are making the world a better place. The Equestrian Aid Foundation is a wonderful group doing great work. We were happy to bring their website and vision to life.