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Dubai Arabian Horse Stud

The Royal Stud of Dubai, owned by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates.

About the Client

"Born to Lead ... Bred to Excel" is the slogan that is known the world over. Situated in the heart of the desert, Dubai Arabian Stud is home of the world's most beautiful Arabian horses. Since its inception in 2007, Dubai Arabian Horse Stud fast became one of the world's most successful Straight Egyptian and Purebred horse farms.

The Royal Stud of Dubai is owned by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


We are very proud of our relationship with Dubai Stud and the director Mohammed Abdulla Al Tawhidi and stud manager Abdelaziz Al Marzooqi. We sold them many horses and worked with them on all branding and marketing for their newly established farm. Since the farm began, we have designed and hosted their website and hope for many more years of a successful partnership.

https://www.dubaiarabianstud.com for more info