Wat Pha Lat


Scott Bailey


October 15, 2019

My favorite temple in all of Chiang Mai is Wat Pha Lat, which is way above the city in the lush green mountains. It's a jungle temple paradise that serves primarily as a calm place for monks to live and meditate. The old stone buildings, intricate carvings, statues, and buildings were breathtaking to see. Wat Pha Lat is a hidden gem in Chiang Mai, and you should not miss it.

Two impressive white statues welcome guests to this jungle paradise located outside of Chang Mai. There are so many levels, temples, and sites to see that you could easily get lost for hours hicking and seeing all that Wat Pha Lat has to offer.

Wat Pha Lat is in a very lush forested area but very easy to hike with well-manicured trails and steps to move to other areas.

Wat Pha Lat, which translates to "Monastery at the Sloping Rock", it is an extraordinary place and so lovely to photograph.



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